The MiniNeurone

GPS tracker, certified altimeter and remote control concentrated in 2.7 grams

NEWS: The MiniNeurone altimeter is EDIC certified by the FAI!

So that your passion remains a pleasure...
  • Instantly find your model in all circumstances
  • Analyze its performance with a single click
  • Control flashes remotely according to visibility
  • Dethermalize by avoiding natural obstacles
Discover our system in action…
Discover our system in action…
Locate your aeromodel at a very long distance and with precision
The system consists of three parts :
  • The MiniNeurone, weighing 2.7 grams, periodically transmits its position, determined by GPS, over very long distances.
  • The Neurone receives the positions of all the MiniNeurones and other Neurones and transmits them via Bluetooth to your Smartphone.
  • Your Smartphone, with the NeuroTrack application, displays the positions of all the MiniNeurones and Neurones and guides you visually and by audio to reach your aeromodel.
To guarantee very long-distance monitoring, Neurone and MiniNeurone are equipped with high-performance radio receivers and transmitters allowing exceptional transmission distances.
Remotely transmit an end-of-flight or flash control command
By simply pressing the SOS button on the Neurone, the MiniNeurone is able to control various end-of-flight systems :
  • Direct control of a servomotor.
  • Direct connection to free flight aeromodel timers with RDT function.
Customizable flash sequences can be triggered or stopped by simply pressing a button on the Neurone.
EDIC certified altimeter by the FAI
The last 10 flights are recorded automatically.
Model performance can be quickly analyzed.
Each flight is timestamped and geolocated to avoid disputes.
The altitude reading at a time defined by the organiser is immediate.
Ultra miniaturization and performance
The exceptional radio performances of the MiniNeurone and the Neurone allow exceptional radio ranges of more than 15 km at sight.

High-sensitivity GPS, high-precision pressure and temperature sensor, … nothing has been forgotten for optimal operation of the MiniNeurone.

And all this, designed and manufactured in France…
Watch your flights in real time or in replay
If enabled, your family, friends can follow you live in 3D.
Your flights are also recorded so that you can replay them later.
Enter the amazing 3D world of NeuroSky