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The Neurone: the heart of the system 

It permanently signals your presence to other aircraft equipped with Neurone and receives information about their position and speed. It can be combined with the NeuroADSB, NeuroFLARM or transponder cable to help avoid aircraft collisions, wherever you are.
It transmits this information to your Smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and provides a display of the surrounding traffic as well as the risk of a collision.

Ready to install on any aircraft, plane, helicopter, microlight, drone...

No need for an installer... The Neurone is ready to use!
It comes with its own case, stand and USB cable for recharging the built-in battery.


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Dimensions (excluding antenna) 55x35x20 mm
Weight (excluding antenna) 44 g
Battery life (measured at 20°C) 17 hours
Charging time (measured at 20°C) 3 hours
Charging voltage 5 to 12 volts
Maximum charging current 500 mA
Transmission/reception range (with basic 50 mm antenna) Over 15 km
Bluetooth Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Sensors Acceleration/Heading/Pressure/Temperature
Radio Frequency ISM band 868 Mhz
Antenna connector SMA female
Connectors 2 micro-USB connectors for external devices
1 micro-USB connector for charging and USB 2.0
LEDs 6 indicator LEDs
Sound Micro-speaker

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