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The NeuroADSB is our ADS-B "In" antenna

It detects ADS-B, Mode S and Mode C transponders located around your device via live radio transmission. It connects to the Neurone, which then transmits the information to the NeuroFly application.
Avoiding aircraft collision with ADS-B transponders is identical to that of aircraft equipped with Neurone.
The relative altitude is indicated for aircraft equipped with Mode S or Mode C transponders, as well as their proximity, which is classified from 0 to 5, based on the strength of their transponder signal.

The NeuroADSB is used in conjunction with the Neurone. 

It's easy to install and connects to the Neurone.

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When used with the Neurone, the NeuroADSB acts as an ADS-B "In" antenna and receives live radio transmissions from aircraft equipped with ADS-B, Mode S and Mode C transponders.

Dimensions (excluding antenna) 59 x 21 x 8 mm
Weight (excluding antenna) 9 g
Operating temperature -20°C to 80°C
Transmission/reception range (with supplied antenna) Over 150km
Radio Frequency 1090 Mhz
Radio antenna connector SMA female. Impedance 50 ohms
Neuron connection 1 micro-USB connector
Waterproof No

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